Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County Blueway Trail Plan

January 2023 - The Suffolk County Blueway Trail Plan inventoried and analyzed approximately 250 potential non-motorized boat launch sites in Suffolk County. Of those, 20 priority sites were selected and evaluated for future improvements with the goal of creating routes which connect them to other nearby recreational destinations.

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Suffolk County Residential Site Planning and Architecture Design Guidelines

October 2021 - These design guidelines are for builders, community members, local governments, and County officials to help ensure high-quality good design in new residential buildings throughout Suffolk County. When well-designed residential buildings are built in a community, everyone benefits.

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Suffolk County Hike and Bike Master Plan

March 2020 - Facilitates development of a safe, integrated, and well-designed network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout the County. Implementation of the recommended network and improvements will potentially expand mobility choices and improve the quality of life for County residents, reduce the reliance on automobiles, promote public health and boost economic activity.

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Suffolk County Mobility Study: Strategies for Suburban Transportation (Full Report)

June 2018 - Outlines strategies and actions for improving mobility to ensure Suffolk County is well-positioned to support existing riders, attract new riders, enhance economic competitiveness, support vibrant communities, leverage investments, and provide a foundation for sustainable growth in the County while reducing reliance on personal vehicles.

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Suffolk County Mobility Study (Summary Presentation)

June 2018 - A visual, condensed version of the Suffolk County Mobility Study: Strategies for Suburban Transportation.

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Transport Long Island: A Train-to-Plane Connectivity Study

May 2018 - Identifies and evaluates modes and technologies to enhance connectivity between the Long Island MacArthur Airport and the Ronkonkoma LIRR Station.

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Transit-Supported Economic Development in Suffolk County

November 2017 - The Regional Plan Association has worked with six municipalities on discrete projects that aim to foster transit-oriented development, diversify housing opportunities and create more walkable environments across the County to spur sustainable economic growth. This provides a detailed analysis of the outcomes and lessons learned from RPA’s work with each of these communities.

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Nicolls Road Alternatives Analysis Study

June 2016 - This report documents how Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) can provide the foundation for a sustainable transportation strategy to connect our commercial, residential, educational, and research institutions with transit-oriented developments and vibrant downtowns that will result in long-term economic stability and growth for the region.

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Route 110 Alternatives Analysis

October 2015 - This Analysis provides the process and framework for advancing the Route 110 component of the Connect Long Island plan by evaluating a range of route and modal alternatives for a new, high-quality transit service.

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Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

May 2014 - This study describes how BRT can be the linchpin of a sustainable transportation strategy to connect the County’s outstanding public and private universities, world-class research institutions, high-tech businesses, major office parks and hospitals, parks and recreation areas, and vibrant downtowns near Long Island Rail Road stations.

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